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    The Canadian Independent Published May 17, 2022

    Dr Martin believes Fidelito, the Canadian government and University of British Columbia have a financial interest in the “vaccine” bio weapon.
    May 19, 2022

    Martin says Canada was involved in illegal “gain of function” research in order to perfect a genocidal virus and bio-weapon mislabelled a “vaccine.” He says COVID is “premeditated murder” except the murderers are wearing lab coats. If they wore hoodies, we’d know them for whom they are– terrorists and racketeers, not doctors. He is bringing charges against government and health officials. His web site is
    Address for above video-—

    Trudeau’s foundation owns 40% of Acuitas Therapeutics which makes mechanic lipids for Pfizer.

    Here, Dr. Robert Malone discusses this conflict of interest as long investors start dumping Pfizer/Moderna stocks ahead of the actual vaccine safety data leaking out.

    Dr. David Martin, “Most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the PM of Canada telling the world that the only way to return to a ‘new normal’ is through the vaccine…what Justin Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.” continued & Source Link


    1. It is worse than that. They are not human beings. This will explain, why they killed Forstal, JFkennedy and marilyn Monroe, they all wanted to tell us, so they killed them. It began here:
      Eisenhower was a Reptilian, he was one of them, he did not have a real birth certificate and was not born here.
      They drink the adrenochrome and they hate the sun. The sun gives the opposite energy as they need to survive. The sun gives God energy, life force energy, life-giving energy. They need death energy, life-killing energy to exist. That is why after the treaty, they gave us weapons and technology in exchange for the DUMBs. The government built the DUMBs for the reptilians to their specification using their technology. The place they come from is called Maldak. It is not a physical reality because they destroyed the entire planet and all life on it with endless wars. It still exists but in the spirit dimension only.
      When someone who will serve as a useful body, someone they can use, especially the children of the powerful, or celebs or Hunter Biden, sell their souls for money and fame and power, their spirit goes directly to Hell during that initiation rite. The body is then inhabited by one of the demons, and they are no longer the same person, just a new demonic entity (undead spirit) in a human body. They took over the world that way, with freemasonry. All the richest and wealthiest bankers and people in finance, are reptilians now. The ancient babylonian Money system, still exist today, worship of Moloch Mammon Iniquity. The reptilians invented it, to use as a weapon to enslave all humans, war by war, they conquered people and established the money system, where before people lived as one family, all equal and free. They are now almost completely in control of the whole earth. They are the “elite”, the Billionaire’s and trillionaires. Gates, Schwab, Fauci, Putin, Xi, Trump, Biden, they are not human.
      They have been here for a long time, even before Atlantis was destroyed, because of them, they lived in the tunnels underground fora long time and they mated with Eve, who was not the first woman but the first hybrid reptilian and her descendants have always been satanists who serve and help them, such as eisenhower, and many other powerful men. The reptilians actually thought up and designed the ancient Babylonian money system we still use today. Using their descendants to run it and eventually taking their bodies. It is called generational possession. They do not die, because they are spirit entities, they go from one generation to the next. They are the original adrenochrome sucking vampires. Now they are the WHO, and every other powerful organization and persons/heads of state, on earth. The government lie to you. They are the aliens and they built CERN as a temple and a stargate to travel from Mardak/hell to earth. Satanism is the religion and worship of the fallen angels as God. They are the antichrist. The enemies of God, and were cast out long ago. Now you have given them all power over you and God is going to punish you in the worst way, for that. He will let them have you, if you do not return to God and repent of worshipping the antichrist descendants of Eve, the serpent’s seed, who did all the work of creating freemasonry as a means of giving human bodies to the fallen angels of Hell, who now want to destroy you souls, bodies and minds and turn you into robot slave things, with animal DNA.

      “Eisenhower was allegedly born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas. After
      receiving a letter from an undisclosed New York law firm during the 1952
      presidential campaign, Harold Schmitzer, the Denison City Secretary replied
      that Eisenhower did not have a birth certificate filed with with the Grayson
      County Clerk’s Office [a now-familiar pattern in U.S. presidential
      genealogies] . Lonnie F. Roberts, having read a Denison newspaper article
      that described Eisenhower’s unrecorded birth, checked with the county
      clerk’s office in Sherman, Texas to see if there was a recorded birth
      certificate. The clerk’s office said that there was no such recording.”.

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