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Dr. Carrie Madej – Vaxxed are Connected to WIFI pureblood – June 9th, 2023

    1 thought on “Dr. Carrie Madej – Vaxxed are Connected to WIFI”

      As per the above link: These shots were also meant to genocide many persons.
      The government is evil.
      They do not love us, they HATE us and want to dominate and control and enslave us to themselves as the Gods and Masters of this world in their demonic satanic desire to be sadists getting their own sick and demented pleasure and happiness from it.
      We are being ruled over by psychopaths who enjoy humiliating us, forcing us to do damage to ourselves against our own will, if we accept their agendas and demands.
      Like eating bugs, killing our pets, and being injected with poisons and tracking systems.
      It is deranged, it is satanism which is S&M, B&D, psycho-drama, a depraved and evil fetish.
      They are insane and dangerous to the public at large, all of us and our pets.
      When the people lose their connection to God and become atheists and agnostics and do not believe, do not adore and love and have faith and hope in God, this is what happens, the devil takes His place.
      You are all the cause of your own misery and suffering, by rejecting God and his LOVE for you.
      Just return to prayer and repent that you have strayed from God and trade the wrong for the right, and see what happens, these devils will end up back in Hell where they belong, where they came from in the first place.
      When you stray from God, like lost sheep, the wolves will eat you.
      That is what has happened and this is how you can change it: return to the good shepherd.

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