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Down Under The Communist rigged election shit show continues

liabilitymate – November 27th, 2022

All rigged folks, the only way to take our country back is to obey the Constitution and lock all these corporate criminals up. You cannot vote them out. Rigged like the WA election, Fake Federal Election, US Midterms, Brazil, Canada, NZ all rigged but the worst part is the opposition party in each country knows it and does nothing about it because they are in on it as well. Andrews is a maggot. Time to take these unlawful black shirt communist effers out like Brazil. I have family in Victoria they don’t know a single man or woman who voted for that shitbag regime. Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE…
All State & Federal Governments are unlawful & illegitimate. Stop doing what they say & take them out.
Neither the Federal nor the State Governments are sovereign bodies:
they are legislatures with limited powers, any law which they attempt to pass
in excess of those power is NO LAW AT ALL it is simply a nullity entitled to NO OBEDIENCE…
Wayne Glew
24 Hagan Road Glenfield
Geraldton WA 6532
$150 plus postage $20

Free Download of Original Constitution
Download the Constitution FREE:!!!Original-1900-Constitution.pdf

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