XYZ | By David Hiscox – July 21, 2022

Victoria’s corruption watchdog, IBAC, has exposed broad corruption in the Victorian Labor government which goes back decades. Its extent is so thorough that there can be no doubt that Premier Daniel Andrews knew and was a party to it.

Naturally, IBAC has not recommended criminal prosecution, and despite supposedly taking full responsibility, Dictator Dan remains Victoria’s ruler:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has apologised for what he has described as “absolutely disgraceful behaviour” by Labor MPs detailed in a report by the state’s anti-corruption watchdog.

The report, released by Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog on Wednesday, uncovered “egregious” and “extensive misconduct” by Victorian Labor MPs, including rampant nepotism, widespread misuse of public resources and a culture of branch stacking dating back decades.

Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) held public hearings in October and November 2021 into the misuse of taxpayer funds and community grants in the Victorian branch of the ALP.

Addressing the findings, Mr Andrews said he took “full responsibility” for the conduct detailed in the report.

“The report tabled today shows … absolutely disgraceful behaviour, behaviour that does not meet my expectations or the expectations of hardworking members of the Victorian community,” he said.

“As the leader of the party and the leader of our state, I take full responsibility for that conduct — that is what the top job is about — and I apologise for it.”

So, that’s it? Sorry guys?

Mr Andrews was among dozens of witnesses also ordered to privately give evidence over cultural failings in the Labor Party.

He knew. The dodgy dictator knew. But all we get is a “sorry, but I’m keeping my job.”

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