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Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species

    Stew Peters Show Published October 27, 2021

    Rumble — Dr. Ariyana Love joined “The Stew Peters Show”, and made the case that the COVID “vaccines” contain hydras and parasites, and that they’re being used to “transfect” humans into a “new species”. During the interview, Dr. Love begged inoculated people to NOT have children.

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    1 thought on “Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species”

    1. I notice that “Dr” Ariyana Love is extremely vague with every single one of her statements.
      Here are just a few things I found to be incorrect:

      – There is no such thing as ‘viral DNA’… Viruses contain RNA, not DNA – the nucleotide bases used in RNA are different, and RNA forms just a single helical structure. How did they inject ‘viral DNA’ then?

      – The notion that there are freshwater polyps being injected into us with the Covid-19 vaccine is downright ludicrous – there absolutely no way they could survive storage temperatures (which both of you admit to not knowing how!) Please explain how the Hydra manage to get from riverbeds & aquariums, to the vaccine and then into us?

      – Most DNA addition is done using a virus that is packed with the desired DNA.. nobody is going around injecting us with HIV, SARs, etc.

      – School janitors don’t inject students, nurses do. What is the source that says that it’s school janitors providing the inoculations?

      – Lets just say they are ‘transfecting our DNA’ – what is the downside of it? Are they killing us with AIDS, respiratory illnesses or turning us into a new species? It can’t be all 3. Also, what does “big _______” have to gain by making a new species?

      – Why is it, that no real doctors are actually talking about this, only pseudo-science practitioners?

      – I find it very hard to believe that this is simultaneously a massive hidden conspiracy, and also an open source admission of guilt. How can this be?

      – How do the Hydra get into our BLOODSTREAM when the injections are intramuscular? The whole point is that the vaccine doesn’t directly enter our bloodstream. It would hurt like a b***h having a squirming polyp 1mm in size in your deltoid muscle. I’ve had both injections, and I did not see a Hydra in the vial, nor did I feel it.

      – How does this large organism fit through the tiny head of a needle?

      Please answer all of these questions ASAP.


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