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Dereliction Of Duty

    Bowne Report – Aug 21, 2021

    American lives are now held hostage by accelerating Taliban Wahhabi rule in Afghanistan. There are reports that the kill list is long as identities and bank records of Americans were retrieved from the US Embassy. As the outer perimeter outside the airport becomes a chaotic hunting ground.

    Meanwhile, It has been 11 days with only a disaster of an interview between Biden and questions from the Democratic operative George Stephanopolous and this debacle.

    Biden ignored the 10 trillion dollar terror Cell he just created. Ignored the tough details to send in special forces to rescue Americans behind enemy lines. Biden then implicated our allies in his disaster. Lied about the rest of the world’s reaction. And then let the cat out of the bag that the questions were pre planned after an NPR reporter changed his question. And then the Vice President, The Secretary of State, and the President turned their backs on America.

    Either they are merely hiding from a mistake they can’t arrogantly talk their way out of or worse, they are preparing future operation rhetoric for the bloodbath and refugee invasion that is coming. As the Pentagon Office of the Inspector General recently verified that The Taliban has continued to maintain its relationship with Al Qaeda and has provided safe haven in Afghanistan. And while Congress sleeps the world is up in arms.

    The monstrous crisis has revealed that Biden’s Administration is just as inept as its leader. The chaos and lack of planning has gradually revealed the horrible possibility that maybe, just maybe an arrogant, barely cognizant, corrupt, compromised 78 year old foreign asset is actually calling the shots.

    And should be hastily impeached for dereliction of duty and corruption.

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    Bowne Report

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