STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS Published June 28, 2022

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believeandrepent · 30 June 2022 at 2:41 AM

Once they deny Jesus, all who denounce Jesus, belong to Lucifer and become soulless.
Any soulless body can be possessed by demons, any demons.
The demons are just former humans of Hell.
The fallen angels usually only possess the very wealthiest 33 degree masons, illuminati.
Becoming an illuminati demands you sign over your souls to Lucifer in exchange for power and wealth.
It is an invasion. The fallen angels, are reptilians. They lived on Maldak and unfortunately for humans, they had already come to earth, during the atlantean times before they were cast out of heaven forever.
They destroyed their home planet, Maldak completely, the physical dimension.
The spirit dimension is their prison of Hell forever.
They were once angels of Heaven, after they devolved, they became tall reptilians ugly and hideous creatures. On earth they manipulated and altered humans into their image and wanted to be God over the human race. They wanted humans of earth, to be made in their image, soulless.
It has been happening for that long.
They wanted to destroy humans. In Atlantis, the sons of Belial, were with the reptilians.
Belial, is one of the fallen angels, as in “lucifer, satan, asmodeus, belial”
The Judas Goats, of the earth today, are today’s son’s of Belial.
Every demon in Hell has been loosed and is here on earth.
They also can possess computers, AI machinery, and objects.
Such as disney things, music CD’s, medicines that are in truth, poisons.
There were also the children of the Law of One.
The devil fights against everyone, they fight one another and are divided against life and creation itself.
The Children of the law of one, are the earth of today’s children of God or children of light.
They are one with all life around them and live in peace and harmony with everyone else and with life and creation itself. The native americans lived that way, before the white people came.
Most indigenous people used God in the place of money and lived one with God.
The money system is totally invented by the fallen angels and used to destroy souls, by replacing God with the money system. replacing the truth with LIES.
By replacing the soul with ego.
Money has enslaved and divided you.
The mark of the beast is the final test of who you belong to: God or mammon/money.
Moloch mammon iniquity.
In the end, the entire human race will make their choice.
To be either a Judas Goat, or one of God’s sheep.
The end is very near, the final Judgement is at hand.
Seek the truth and you will be set free.
The lost people live in the darkness of lies, given by satan’s soul destroying science,
They have forgotten God and trade truth for the devil’s lies.

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