Tim Pool – Nov 7, 2020

Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat.

While Trump is facing a very close defeat Democrats are entering their own internal civil war.

Liberal Democrats erupted in a private post election conference slamming far left candidates for costing them house seats giving Republicans a tremendous victory.

Biden is currently tracking to win the election while Trump decries fraud. Trump does still have legal paths to victory but it is starting to seem that he sees the writing on the wall and may start toning things down as he heads for defeat.

In the end this election cycle is turning out to be a loss for everyone, Democrats and Republicans.

But Republicans seems to have lost the least. They may lose the Presidency but they are on track for keeping the Senate and growing in the House.

The 2020 election results seem to show a repudiation of the culture war and a desire for moderation and normalcy.

They won’t get it as already culture war forces are preparing to go after “Trumpism”

Tim Pool


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