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Democracy IS Violence

    XYZ | By James Fox Higgins – July 9, 2022

    Abe is dead.

    From the BBC:

    “On Japanese social media, the hashtag “We want democracy, not violence” was trending, with many social media users expressing their horror and disgust about the incident.”

    I hate this kind of social rhetoric, it’s very feminine and full of fantasy and delusion. Democracy IS violence. The enforcement of majority rule by a state armed to enforce laws?

    It’s so frustrating when people of this modern idiot world say bullshit like “violence is wrong”, “there’s no room for violence”. Firstly, there are myriad situations in which violence is not only justified, but further is noble and GOOD. Secondly, where there’s a state, elections, democracy, government, a parliament, a police force or military, there is violence. Can you think of a place on planet Earth that is NOT subject to these forces? Is there a land anywhere upon which if you do not obey the local laws, you will not be violently collected and deposited in a cage, or put on trial under duress? You don’t get to opt out of law enforcement just because you’re a pacifist. That’s violence for you: the shot is called by the one with the greater capacity.

    I don’t know the motivations of Abe’s assassin, nor do I know much about Abe himself, but this I can tell you with certainty: Abe had plenty of blood on his hands too. You cannot be a Prime Minister in the globalist regime of today without being a killer. They are all killers. If Abe was a puppet or partner of Israel, as some of what I’ve read and shared today suggests, then he may have more blood on his hands than we know.

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    1 thought on “Democracy IS Violence”

    1. In the end, every action with or against another comes down to violence or the threat of violence.
      Every religion is the threat of violence.
      Every law is a threat of violence.
      Every tradition or custom is the threat of violence.
      Which is why every authority from birth is telling you NOT to be violent and that violence is wrong.
      It is wrong for you, but right for them.

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