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Declassified Documents Prove All Satellites Are Balloons (Satelloons)

    Anti-Disinformation – May 10th, 2023

    2 thoughts on “Declassified Documents Prove All Satellites Are Balloons (Satelloons)”

    1. The currency that the “elite” who are all pedophiles, use is adrenochrome, above gold, or any other currency or traded commodity is adrenochrome, it is their currency and what they trade among each other. The source of all their sick straight from Hell, as the demonic beings who own/possess them. Their desire for sadism is children. They are the exact opposite/antithesis of God and our souls. They are soulless bodies that any demonic entities of Hell can occupy at will. Frazzel drip is their “every day”.
      During wars, when soldiers come to rescue and save children, they are liars, they take them to the ‘elite’.
      That is why they love and make wars. It was all decided in the 1954/6 treaty that Eisenhower a jewish president, made with the “aliens”, demonic beings from Hell. He had the opportunity to make one also with the angelic beings, they chose the demonic. As outlined in Bill Coopers book: behold a pale horse.
      They can only take children who are already in a state of mortal sin.
      If they are suicidal, iif they Hate God, their parents, if they lie, steal or have broken the 10 commandments of God.
      Those trans children Hate themselves as per their own gender.
      They hate their parents, they are suicidal and do not seek God, (agnostic), they hate God or are atheist. They are in mortal sin. They would be used as sex slaves, as victims of sexual torture.
      Only the gentile children under the age of 7, free from any sin (like Jesus) are used for adrenochrome. It is like eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus to them, as in an unholy satanic Eucharist. A mockery. Often these children have been also crucified and it has been going on since they originally crucified Jesus Christ, for Satan in exchange for wealth and power and were given the banking system and control over wars and all the wealth in the world, for it.
      “His blood be on our hands and our children’s forever”, is the truth: they have been continuing to crucify Christ through children ever since in the adrenochrome rituals, and through all their slavery systems that make them: wield all the wealth and power in the world.
      They are the illuminati who own and run freemasonry as a slavery system.
      They now want to run the social credit system as the same type of slavery system.
      They want all the children as their own.
      They do plan to make some as their own born and bred and selectively gene edited as per their own specifications: soulless children, bodies they themselves can inhabit, or use however they wish.
      They want to make all children in mortal sin using transgenderism and sex-object drag queens, porn, satanic books, movies, satanic practices, satan after school clubs, so they can take them as their own: most prized currency.
      Only if the 13th tribe of Ashkenaz, continue to crucify Christ through the gentile children under the age of 7, will they continue to enjoy all the wealth and power in the world.
      Otherwise they will lose it, as they did in Nazi Germany under Hitler.
      BUT the freemasonic nations that defeated, the anti freemasonic nations Germany, Japan and Italy, (also Ireland) will be utterly destroyed because of their treaty with the “aliens’ who are the powers of darkness from Hell, below this earth, where the real space missions went to.
      Expect war, persecution and a return to the arenas of satanic sacrifice, of those they label as “criminals” all anti-semitic people and christians and those disobedient to their social credit slavery to Satan CBDC system., slaughtering people and animals in horrific displays of sadism will become the only entertainment for the people.
      They will make you all watch the crucifixion and martyrdom of children as in the video ‘Frazzel Drip’. Moloch Mammon Worship will be the new one world religion.
      After the wars they (satanists) will outnumber you.
      Then the world will end.

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