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    Tore Says Show Published November 8, 2022

    ‘Enjoy the Show’ is written, narrated and co-produced by Tore Maras and directed, edited and co-produced by Broken Anthem.

    It’s about the undue influence of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the talent agency that controls all of the major talent in Hollywood, that drives some of the biggest Psychological Operations on the planet and that is basically an extension of the CIA.

    The film starts at around 16:46 minutes into this video post by Tore Maras, fresh off her election loss in the race for Secretary of State of Ohio on Wednesday.

    Here is a rare look behind the curtain that will aid you in being able to SEE things that occur in our society in a CLEAR light with SCRUTINY.

    It’s all a SHOW where the WHOLE WORLD is a STAGE.
    May this Documentary give you EYES to SEE and EARS to hear.

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