Stew Peters Show Published July 28, 2021

Rumble — EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD!

The inoculation being referred to as ‘COVID Vaccines’ is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.

Stew Peters Show


Janelle Hahn · 2 August 2021 at 6:21 AM

where can a person get the forms to deny taking the jab if required for employment

Are You a “DISSENTER TOO”? | Kingdom Builders Business's Blog · 8 September 2021 at 10:20 AM

[…]  25 mins. Ms Kingston explains how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have declared in their own documentation and also been shown by Spanish researchers (called La Quinta Columna) to contain graphene oxide, a bodily poison. […]

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