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Daniel Andrews spends nearly $800,000 on Facebook pushing ‘cult of Dan’

    Sky News Australia – Mar 4, 2021

    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is pouring taxpayer dollars into his social media presence all for self-promotion and the “cult of Dan,” says Victorian Liberal MP Richard Riordan.

    The Victorian premier has spent $770,000 of taxpayer funds in five years on his Facebook presence and advertisements on the platform on the way to becoming the most popular politician on the social media giant.

    The spending campaign has ammased the premier one million followers on the platform – more than any other political figure in the country.

    Mr Riordan slammed the premier for “pouring that money into himself” for self-promotion.

    “That money is being poured into algorithms,” he told Sky News.

    “It’s all for his own personal gain”.

    Mr Riordan, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Scrutiny of Government in Victoria, said the premier attempted to pass off the expense in parliament as him “putting out special messages during COVID”.

    “It’s three-quarters of a million dollars … pushing his brand,” he said.

    “No one else has the largesse this man has. It’s all for self-promotion.”

    Sky News Australia

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