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Croatian President Slams COVID Rules: ‘Unbelievable How Obedient People Are, Even When They Shouldn’t Be’

    Dan Lyman October 05, 2021

    Croatian President Zoran Milanović has again come out against COVID restrictions, seemingly calling for people to stop complying with them, according to reports.

    President Milanović recently made headlines for expressing frustration with incessant COVID and vaccine propaganda being pushed by governments and the media.

    His latest statements slamming medical tyranny came during a ceremonial event at the University of Zagreb this week.

    “I walked into a room here today and everyone has masks. And why? Everyone is vaccinated,” Milanović said during a press conference. “Those who are vaccinated are not in danger, then why are they wearing masks? It’s unbelievable how obedient people are, even when they shouldn’t be.”

    “These bans don’t make sense. COVID certificates are trifles, and those measures that were adopted last year are an encroachment on fundamental freedoms. This must not happen again.”

    Milanović express similar statements last month, as Infowars Europe previously reported.

    “Croatia is ‘not sufficiently vaccinated,’ unlike the E.U. average. We are only at 50 percent,” he said. “I don’t care. We’re vaccinated enough and everyone knows it.”

    “We need to know what the goal of this frenzy is. If the goal is to completely eradicate the virus, then we have the goal. I have not heard that this is the goal. If someone tells me it’s a goal, I will tell him he’s out of his mind.”

    “There is no life without risk, without the possibility of getting sick,” Milanović asserted.

    “People get sick from a thousand other more serious things, and while that’s happening we’ve been talking about COVID-19 for a year and a half.”

    While Milanović’s rhetoric is refreshing for many, his effective power level is eclipsed by that of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

    Dan Lyman

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