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Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic calls out the Davos and WEF elites and their agenda.

    ThebigawakeningQ – February 3rd, 2023

    Kiev’s regime adds Croatian president Zoran Milanovich’s name to kill-list due to his anti-war, pro-peace position.

    1 thought on “Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic calls out the Davos and WEF elites and their agenda.”

    1. Croatian president Zoran Milanovich is an intellegent person of God.

      The NWO people are all filthy, slimy, degenerate depraved, perverted, minions of satan: the jews.

      In the end God always WINS. The devil even knows that he and his minions are the biggest losers.

      God judges the level of his gentiles’ intelligence by how much of God’s truth they know.

      The devil judges the God’s children: the gentiles’ lack of intelligence by how much of his LIES and deceit games they believe.

      CBDC’s are slavery. Slavery is illegal so CBDC’s should also be illegal.

      Torture is Illegal, yet it is not prosecuted when it comes from vaXXXines.

      Murder is illegal yet it is not prosecuted when it comes from the government ‘s programs of depopulation.

      VaXXXines cause disease, they do not cure any disease. It is a LIE that they do.

      CBDC’s are the Luciferian Bankers plan: to enslave all the stupid gentiles willing to be sheep sent to the slaughter of eternal slavery under the Beast system of the Luciferian Bankers.
      They will be herded like cattle, and owned by patented alterations to their DNA by VaXXXines.

      So in Both God’s eyes and satab’s reptilian peepers, you who love the jews and believe their lies and have offended and abandoned God are “extremely stupid people”.

      They sold you the lie, that wars make things better. The truth is: everything good and of God is destroyed in WARS, every war and in all violence and hatred: DESTROYED and no longer with God but with the devil=jews.

      They tell you Poisons and filth and disease and pus and fetal cells and cancer cells from the satanically tortured bodies of fetuses babies and animals, will cure disease.
      That is the LIE, that allows Satan to destroy your health and your connection with God and your Intelligence plummets when you believe the devil’s LIES.

      EVIL does not produce good.

      Only good creates more good and makes it better.

      Wars are one thing: Hell coming to earth, so are vaccines, they are made by satanists jews and are straight from HELL.

      The same with your deadly and dangerous and life-threatening science and technology.

      It does not say that the stupid will not enter the kingdom of God, except at the end:
      Those who loveth a lie: (the gentiles who believe the lies of the jews are the truth)
      and those who maketh lies (the jews) are very stupid, unintelligent people, and will be in both God and the devil’s FINAL judgement, as expressed here at the very end of Revelation:

      “Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie.” [Apocalypse (Revelation) 22:15

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