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Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić Blasts WHO With An Epic Rant… Terrorist Organization, Drug Cartels

    Free Speech Warrior – May 22nd, 2023

    This is in relation to the new proposed ‘treaty’

    1 thought on “Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić Blasts WHO With An Epic Rant… Terrorist Organization, Drug Cartels”

    1. Jews have no souls. They belong to their own God=the devil. They are born psychopaths. They all go straight to Hell when they die. They sold their souls to Satan in exchange for Killing Jesus Christ, in return they were promised all the wealth and power in the world. The same deal that Satan offered to Jesus in the Wilderness, that He refused. Once you sell your soul, then the devil owns you from the first time you were incarnated back in history, and after you die in the life you presently live in.
      Back in time, these soulless jews were given the Babylonian money system as per their bargain with Satan, and they still own the money/banking system. They use it to steal all the wealth that God gives to the Gentiles: especially Christians: the resources of the earth we need to survive: what has real true value. Their money is a false fake agreed upon value that makes them rich out of thin air.
      We must end their money system and that will end their power on earth, if they had no money system, they would have nothing because God gives the soulless NOTHING.
      Once Satan takes a soul and they belong to him from their first creation/incarnation, they lose all memory and all knowledge of what and who God is, they do not understand Love, compassion, empathy or truth and peace. The jews have Nothing of God in them at all, no comprehension or understanding of our creator.
      They only know their new God: Satan and are his minions and slaves, doing his bidding. Jews are born with demons that control and guide them.
      They are not like us. Their lives consist of devolving into demons of Hell.
      Gentiles and we Christians are evolving into Heavenly Angelic beings, made in God’s image and likeness, with guardian angels from Birth to Guide us.
      @WaffenBunnyThe Jews did what Satan asked, and said “His blood be on our hands and our children’s”, when they sold their souls to Satan and Called for Jesus to be crucified in place of Barabbas, in their bargain with Satan, for all the wealth and power in the world in return. It is written in the Bible. That is why all children of jewish soulless mothers are also born without souls. Their God is Satan. They invented and were the first Satanists. Any demon from Hell can possess, any soulless body, any jewish body they please, and use them to do Satan’s bidding and carry out Satan’s demonic plans. Many demons go from one generation of jew to the next, and never leave a family. The Bankers families are like that. The bankers are all possessed by the Nephilim/the original fallen angels of Hell, including Satan. They never die, they time travel that way, from soulless jew body to the next soulless jew body.
      God gives us his children free will.
      The devil does not allow any free will.
      The jews are his slaves for eternity.
      They breed just to give Lucifer’s demonic fallen angels a vessel/a soulless body to exist in, here on earth and fight the battle with God.
      So if you are with the jews in any way and support them, you are then the enemy of God. “You can’t serve 2 masters”. Moloch Mammon is the term for the Fallen angels of Hell collectively. They run the and own all the Central Banks, they make all the money out of thin air. It gives them POWER and WEALTH on earth. They just suckered the jews into helping them and made them their eternal SLAVES=the minions of Satan.
      Once Satan convinced the jews to accept his bargain and kill Jesus Christ, Satan was able to use the jews all the way back in time, to use them as bodies to set up the ancient babylonian money system. Worship of Moloch Mammon=the fallen angels of Hell.
      Jews who are born to a gentile mother who has a soul, have souls. They have an awareness of the God we gentiles know as God, the God of Heaven above.
      The jews born of jewish mothers do not have any clue what or who our God is other than He is not to be God, He is to be replaced by their God, Lucifer, the Ruler of HELL.
      They sold their souls and also were required to denounce Jesus and their God/our God and to swear an oath to replace Our God with Satan, as their master.
      That is why jews are forbidden to intermarry and must have children with jewish wives and why they all try to get gentiles of influence, high social status, Royalty and the very wealthy gentiles to have children with a jewish mother. That is why the high level freemasons are directed by the top Illuminati=fallen angel possessed soulless ones/the bankers and Royals, to whom they have to marry and whom they must reproduce with. Charles is not the Son of Prince Philip, he is the son of the “Pinder”, who is whoever was the soulless body, occupied by the demonic spirit of Satan at the time of his conception.
      The book of revelations, chapter 9, the 6th Trumpet, tells of the time when Satan will have an army of demons occupying 200 million soulless vessels/human bodies.
      They are jews and also gentiles who are the higher 33 degree freemasons who are required to sell their souls in a blood oath to Satan.
      That time is now, because the Bankers are planning to add to their money system a written oath to renounce Jesus and take (Satan is to Lucifer, what Jesus is to God) Satan as their God in his place, and receive the mark of the beast biochip-tattoo, in the future.
      That will create a massive amount of human bodies all the way back in time, to be Satan’s army vessels for his demons from Hell to possess, from the very beginning of their life, back through all their former incarnations, all the way to the present life (it is like a 3D chess game) that will make Satan very powerful.
      That will tip the scales and force, the end of this world, as in Revelations.
      The scorpions with lions heads of the book of revelations, that torture people are parasites that will be placed in the brains of people, just like the parasites in the covid vaccines.
      Adolf Hitler came to save us from the jews, from Satan and his demonic takeover of this earth.
      We must all reject the money system and dispose of it, and take all the power over money and over anything on this earth from the minions of Satan, now so that this will never happen.
      The swastika is a symbol of PEACE, LOVE, and TRUTH. It symbolizes freedom from the enemies of God.
      Once the CBDC’s which are: the mark of the beast are brought out, it will make a ripple in TIME, all who take it, will become jews, they will all be taken over by the devil’s demons from Hell, not just in the present, but all the way back in time.
      The future will change the present and the past.
      The human beings who take the mark will belong to Satan and Lucifer, from the BEGINNING of their time/of creation. They will have nothing in their own or their collective consciousness that is of God, not memory, no knowledge or understanding of God.
      They will become just like the jews demonic, and demonically possessed, no empathy, no compassion, no ability to Love or any comprehension of what Love is.
      They will only want to impose their will on others weaker and more helpless for eternity, attempting to dominate and control others belneath them and climb to the top of a pyramid system that has the most evil at the top. That is DEVOLUTION. It will be all lies, insanity, violence and cruelty and sadism just as it is in HELL.
      The bankers would have been stopped by Hitler, but Satan won WW2, if WW3 (armageddon) happens it will lead to the Mark of the beast and the end of the one last opportunity the human race of earth has to return to the heavenly realms, that you still have now.
      The bankers must be eliminated and their currencies must have zero value.
      The resources of the earth must be returned to all the gentiles to own and share collectively as one people: the children of God. We must live according to God’s commandments again, and Love God and pray to God and the heavens for what we need, in place of MONEY, we need to know that God is the father and will deny us nothing and provide for us everything we need, out of LOVE.
      Satan and the demonic nephilim of Hell deny all their slaves, their needs of life and selfishly keep all the wealth to themselves and make us grovel as slaves for a few crumbs. They HATE us.
      STOP the BANKERS from destroying your souls. Using our dependence on money as leverage.
      Save your souls, reject the LIE of Satan that his money has value.
      It only has value to Satan and the fallen angels to take your souls and destroy your connection to God almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ.

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