liabilitymate – December 12th, 2021

You public servants (The people pay you) had better start doing your job, you would have to be a bloody idiot not to see the Politicians in Australia except for a small minority are Criminals who work for foreign Corporations that are hell bent on destroying your Country. WAKE THE HELL UP COPS AND ARMY DO YOU JOB, PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY AND LOCK UP ALL THE POLITICIANS IN LABOR,LIBERAL,NATIONAL,GREENS and the MEDIA and stop helping them destroy our country using a pathetic virus with a 99.7 % survival rate. WAKE UP. Stop being dumb arses for the world to see. You have been embarrassing yourselves & they are coming for the kids now, pull your heads in and get on the right side of history before it is to late, We will win this with or without you. Take a leaf out of the peoples book and show some backbone.


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