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Criminal Elites Are Getting Sloppy

    Bowne Report – Feb 24, 2023

    We live in a time when the Clinton body count is just a foregone conclusion. As court released details about the 2022 suicide of Bill Clinton aide Mark Middleton who signed in Jeffrey Epstein 7 out of the 17 times he visited the White House and rode on the Lolita Express as a Clinton liason, reveals he managed to tie himself to a tree with an electrical cord and shoot himself with a gun that didn’t exist at the scene. Its obvious, there are zero repercussions for those in power and the feeding frenzy by globalist parasites in league with the Clinton’s upon the American public is well underway.

    That is why it is disturbing to the human fight or flight instinct when recent fires at manufacturing and food processing plants in Fayeteville West Virginia, Gothenburg Nebraska, Medley Florida, and Bedford Ohio raise alarms causing the innocent populace, dubbed by the powerful as conspiracy theorists and deplorable, to do a double take.

    Who is responsible for these fires? Is it Soros Antifa, Neo Nazis, Mexican Cartels, Illegal Aliens, Russians or the Chinese? Or a combination of all of them? One thing is for sure they are increasing. And like the Clinton body count its getting sloppier.

    In Frankford,Pennsylvania Multiple Law enforcement responded after a 18-inch pipe bomb that is capped at both ends was removed for further investigation.

    And while the elites push for a digital ID prison planet system that they wanted implemented yesterday.

    The crime scene that is East Palestine, Pennsylvania reveals more sloppy malice aforethought. Were the Trump supporters that make up most of the population of East Palestine merely a targeted Agenda 2030 digital ID experiment?

    And was the density of organic farms, the Amish population, and food processing plants in and around East Palestine just another target as Bill Gates and foreign interests buy up U.S. farmland? Its right in front of you.

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