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Credlin asked Premier Andrews tough questions ‘on behalf of Victorians’

    Sky News Australia – Oct 23, 2020

    Sky News host Sharri Markson says Peta Credlin did her research, went to Premier Daniel Andrews’ press conferences, asked him tough questions on behalf of Victorians and did a brilliant job.

    “Peta Credlin has never attempted to say she is an objective journalist, she is a commentator” Ms Markson said.

    “The biggest issue in the country at the moment has been the lockdown in Victoria; even when there’s only been one or two new cases a day, Victorians remain in lockdown.

    “She went to the press conference to ask him tough questions on behalf of Victorians, that is exactly what she should do.

    “She practiced journalism, this is journalism, she asked him hard questions … she did her research, she established that there were six missing minutes where the decision to use private security guards was made.”

    Ms Markson said Ms Credlin pushed the premier on the issue and “those phone records then had to be tendered to the inquiry”.

    “She did a brilliant job,” she said.

    Sky News Australia

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