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COVID-19 treatments are ‘staring at us in the face’ but have been ignored

    Sky News Australia Aug 10, 2020

    Sky News host Chris Smith says there are potential treatments for the deadly coronavirus “staring at us in the face” but they’re being wholly ignored.

    Mr Smith said the battle against the virus has so far been split between handling the immediate health costs and the short-to-long-term economic crises.

    “The third tranche in this battle is coming up with effective medical treatments and maybe even a vaccine,” he said.

    “But I think the entrenched bureaucratic red tape in this country, the slow wheels of the massive health bureaucracy in particular, could be hindering our chances of finishing the job.

    Mr Smith pointed to a treatment for coronavirus which has already been tested on patients with close to 90-100 per cent success rate involving a concoction of three drugs: Ivermectin, Doxy-Cycline, and Zinc.

    He also spoke of the lack of government funding into a potential vaccine developed by Flinders University in Adelaide.

    “We have treatments for this virus starring at us in the face, but they’re being ignored.”

    Sky News Australia

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