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    theforbidden – May 23rd, 2020.


    2 thoughts on “COVID-19 THE VIDEO THAT BROKE THE AUSTRALIAN INTERNET – Presented by Jay Ross.”

    1. Luciana with Very Concerned Families Network in Australia and overseas

      How can we thank You, kind Sir?
      Your Courage, Truthfulness and commonsense …and above all: your DUTY OF CARE for humanity, for the Families and all their little boys and girls who are not educated and TRAINED =

      1. TRAINED to LEARN BY DOING how to respect themselves and each other from early childhood in our COMPULSORY Education System.

      1a. All Boys and Girls, who, at the appropriate age, are not informed about The POWER of SEX!
      (Following all the Media expo about Sex, Rape and CONSENT ….in 2021 the Sydney Private School Principals announced via the Media that their response to the sexual activity (and abuse of alcohol & other drugs by school students) of students will be a curriculum ready by 2024 ….. in which CONSENT WILL BE TAUGHT!???

      The Concerned Families Network of my acquaintance, do not want their daughters (or sons) to give consent to sexual activity at school or before Marriage …. Marriage for which the big Boys and Girls have been well prepared by the available Instructions:
      A.. The Engaged Prepare Course (run by both the Anglican & the RC Churches, and also recommended by the Lay Marriage Celebrants when, they tell me, they can see that the couple presenting for Marriage have a slim chance to succeed in staying Married for long….enough said!

      B.. The Marriage Prepare Course … is available … and ideally, should be experienced well before the couple share their bodies sexually and/or give birth to children!!!

      Sadly, it is the elders who have FAIL TO TRAIN THEIR CHILDREN (because they too were not TRAINED>>>) that, really, it is not at all healthy to … have the sweets – before we have the main course ….
      Q. WHY???
      A. See the Family Courts statistics = a continuous disaster! Suffering Broken Families abound…. and at all levels society does not care to work out a common sense solution – but to ask FOR MORE $$$ MONEY …which has not yet managed to stop the slaughter/murder of a Mother every week, children every 2two weeks, and a man once a month – according to the Family court’s statistics.

      Q. Advance Australia? Where???

      That brings us to the 3rd necessary TRAINING for all Boys & Girls:

      1b. TRAINING to learn by doing all the many necessary skills to become Responsible Parents, Grandparents and/or Carers.

      Last but not least:

      1c. Training to understand our Human Rights and our Rights and Obligations – our civic duties towards our elected Parliamentarians….. and Agenda 2021-2030 = The Great Reset = The One World Parliament = Orwellian 1984!

      Thank You!

    2. This is a great video by Jay Ross and sets an example of what good and moral journalism is supposed to be. It is beyond the comprehension of normal people to believe that there are so many who cannot see what is happening, and leads us to ask the question of politicians and mainstream media “what crimes do you have to cover in your life that would make you complicit in this madness?” .

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