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    larryhannigan – Dec 9, 2021

    How much LONGER do we “wait patiently” before enough people understand that Covid-19 is a GLOBAL GENOCIDE:

    There never was a “Covid-19 virus”. To date, 25 nations have demanded to have an “isolated sample of Covid-19″… and won their lawsuits… because there is NO ISOLATED SAMPLE.  (It is illegal to administer a vaccine without a valid isolated sample.)

    Covid-19 is as harmless as the common cold. The Covid-19 virus has never been isolated and identified. According to the fake news media, it was hatched in a lab in Wuhan China with funding help from Dr. Fauci.  We have been sold a diabolical lie and tricked into believing it.

    SARS-Cov-2 … was NOT … the cause of illness.  Evidence is available.  Only Influenza A and Influenza B were found in all “positive Samples” for Covid.

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