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CONFIRMED!!! Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Found Guilty Of Misinformation By UK Regulator

    SonOfEnos – Feb 5th, 2023

    Forget about the writing on the bottom of the video, what she’s claiming is true! Pfizer was found guilty of making misleading statements about the safety of jabbing kids. The ruling was issued by The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) which is the regulatory body responsible for the complaints procedures against the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK.

    Pfizer appealed the ruling, but lost their appeal on several key issues. They are guilty of misleading the public about the safety of jabbing kids.

    This isn’t a criminal matter, and I’m not sure what consequences Pfizer will face from having this ruling issued by this UK regulatory body, but they have been found guilty of Breaching Clauses 6.1 6.2 26.2 for the bullshit they spread in a BBC interview. The ruling says that “sanctions applied” but don’t specify what those sanctions were.

    If you want to read the ruling yourself, here’s the link. Court rulings are very dry reading, I’ve already gone through it all and my summary is accurate, but if you want to slog though it yourself, have atter

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