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Concerned Lawyers Network Unites Against Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity: “Notice of Liability” Issued to State and Federal Governments of Australia

    Kathleen Stilwell, editor, Truth Comes to Light November 7, 2020

    Below you will find Concerned Lawyers Network‘s powerful letter, presenting a Notice of Liability & Potential Claims to all Australian heads of government, ministers, CHOs, governors and commissioners of police.

    The  36-page letter provides extensive documentation challenging the Covid-19 narrative, including the question of whether the Covid-19 virus was ever isolated.  It also explores the evidence related to the premeditation of this so-called pandemic.

    Within the letter you will find

    a detailed summary of facts,

    legal questions regarding the measures taken by governments in response to the “pandemic”,

    information about false pandemics in the past,

    existing patents on covid-19,

    problems with modeling and tests,

    how covid test kits were sold before covid-19 was supposedly discovered,

    how DNA of individuals is being harvested from the testing process,

    links to the Gates Foundation

    and much more.

    You will find a list of exhibits with links to documents that detail

    conflicts of interest,

    deaths and cases,

    financial incentives,

    the issue of masks,

    the suicide connection,

    related crimes

    and many more aspects of this orchestrated deception and global assault on humanity.

    Of special importance is reference to the 229-page Harrison Research Report titled Covid-19 — Pandemic. Profit. Fallout, which was sent — on May 25, 2020 — to The Select Committee on Covid-19. The author has yet to receive a response.

    The contents of this letter is of great importance internationally, as well as to Australians.

    The ongoing crimes against humanity are global and affect every living being on this planet. We are all in this together and, together, we must stand up and speak out for truth and for freedom.

    PDF links are provided below for you to download.

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