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Communism is ‘Knocking on the Door’: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Sep 9, 2020

    Sky News host Alan Jones says doctors speaking out against the current handling of Victoria’s COVID-19 crisis fear the potential repercussions for sticking their heads out.

    A group of 13 doctors and surgeons recently signed a letter to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews which said the lockdowns and restrictions were killing more people than COVID-19, many of these doctors are now fearful for their own professional futures.

    “This is now a massive story,” Mr Jones said.

    “They are now fearful for their own professional futures; they believe there will be repercussions for speaking out.

    “If people can arrest pregnant mothers in front of crying children, why can’t they come after the doctors next.

    “The communists knock on the door, is this the new world order?”

    Mr Jones spoke with Melbourne anaesthetist Dr Eamonn Mathieson, one of doctors who signed the letter.

    “The evidence is clear, all of the other medical conditions other than COVID are being neglected,” Dr Mathieson said.

    “The consequences of that are catastrophic, many people are saying that what we may be witnessing is Victoria’s worst ever public healthcare crisis as a result of the shutdowns.

    “This needs to be taken into consideration very seriously.”

    Sky News Australia

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