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CNN Describes “Mostly Peaceful” Riots as Kenosha Burns

    Reality check.

    Paul Joseph Watson | – August 27, 2020

    Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

    A CNN reporter described the mayhem in Kenosha as “mostly peaceful” even as cars set on fire by rioters burned behind him.

    Omar Jimenez describes “multiple locations that have been burning in Kenosha, Wisconsin over the course of the night” before characterizing the unrest as “largely peaceful.”

    The CNN chyron below Jimenez described the events as “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

    Next time someone’s house is burning down, I’m sure the scene will be described as “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

    Earlier this week, CBS News pulled a similar stunt when host Gayle King described “a second day of peaceful protests, which is what the Black Lives Matter is really about.”

    In reality, there have been no “peaceful” protests in Kenosha. Every night has been a running battle between police and rioters.

    Every night, car dealerships were set ablaze, stores were looted and people trying to protect their businesses were viciously assaulted.

    Paul Joseph Watson

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