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CNN: Alt Tech Sites Pose A ‘Threat To Democracy’ And Are ‘Bad For The Country’

    Self awareness is not a character trait valued very highly in CNN’s hiring process

    National File – November 14th 2020, 7:50 am

    CNN employees Brian Stelter and Pamela Brown displayed a particularly amusing paucity of self-awareness – even by CNN standards – during a discussion about the exodus of Trump supporters from left-wing tech monopolies like Facebook and Twitter this week.

    “I think big picture Pamela, here’s the concerning trend line here: people are going more and more into their own echo chambers, more and more into their own bubbles, especially Trump voters,” said Stelter, who is often referred to as CNN’s “house eunuch by conservative pundit tucker Carlson.

    “Mhmm, that’s what I was gonna say,” Brown said, nodding in agreement.

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    “There’s this new social media app called Parler getting a lot of attention because conservatives are leaving, saying they’re leaving Twitter and Facebook, going off to Parler because they believe Parler is a safer space for them,” Stelter continued. “What we’re seeing is even more of a bunker mentality in right-wing media, and ultimately that’s not good for the country.”

    Brown then offered up her words of wisdom on the issue: “No, it’s not good, it’s a threat to democracy, um, that these people are in echo chambers and getting fed a diets of lies, essentially.”

    It’s always a little amusing when @CNN worries people are going into their own partisan bubbles. (Lack of self-awareness????)

    Stelter: “People are going more and more into their own echo chambers. More into their own bubbles, especially Trump voters!”— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) November 12, 2020

    National File

    btw, here are a couple of links to alternative social media websites that they DON’T want you to use.

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