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Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details HORRIFIC J&J Covid Vaccine Side Effects from Hospital Bed

    ‘I have had about eight seizures in the last two days – never had a seizure before.’ – April 9th 2021, 3:39 pm

    A woman who received the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson detailed numerous severe adverse reactions from a hospital bed.

    In a video uploaded to Tik Tok, Dallas resident Tabatha Lauren says she received the vaccine on April 7, one day before she began suffering multiple severe health issues.

    “I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday,” the woman says. “Nobody knows if this is the reason that all this stuff is going on.”

    Lauren explains it “Started with chest pain, paralysis on my left side.”

    “I was rushed over via ambulance to [Baylor University Medical Center] where I have had numerous scans done. I have had about eight seizures in the last two days – never had a seizure before. They did find a 3mm brain aneurysm. I am currently hooked up to my EEG so they can monitor my seizures.”

    In a follow-up video, Lauren says she began suffering seizures nearly two-and-a-half hours after receiving the vaccine, in addition to having a 102° F fever.

    Social media posts from people documenting their adverse reactions are quickly piling up, with video of another woman blaming head swelling on the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine also surfacing Friday.

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