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Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam

    Simon Parkes – January 21st, 2021.

    Charlie Ward
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    David Nino Rodriguez

    Tiana Islam
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    Simon Parkes

    3 thoughts on “Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam”

    1. Just curious how you all get that this is still a movie .. when Biden is actively in the Oval Office signing executive orders to overthrow everything Trump has done .. and that once he became president the military is under his control .. the flags weren’t wrinkled .. there was a flag flying during the inauguration .. I mean stop getting peoples hopes up this isn’t a joke to us

    2. The other thing … and this is why I am a little put off right now … I’m a true Patriot … I haven’t lost faith … I believe there is something more to come … but just some things that don’t sit right … like the comment on the Vatican being bankrupt … where is the proof of this … there have been about 10 of us looking all over the place and cannot find any evidence of this … the new Constitution … can’t find any evidence of this … I mean send us the links … it just seems things are put out there which damages credibility sometimes sorry just telling you how I feel … I really believe in your guys listen all the time just don’t know sometimes where you get info. from.

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