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Cassandra Callender, forced into chemotherapy dies at 22 after cancer battle

    Cassandra Callender, who made headlines for her fight against having cancer treatment as a teen, has died after a five year battle.

    Cassandra Callender, who was forced by United States courts as a teenager to undergo chemotherapy for cancer, has died after a five-year battle with the disease at the age of 22.

    Ms Callender, from Connecticut, died on Tuesday at home, where she had been in hospice care for four months, her mum Jackie Fortin said.

    “The cancer never went away,” Fortin said.

    “They said they saved her life. They lied. She suffered for five years. It was horrific. If you did that to your dog, you’d get arrested.”

    A judge in 2015 ordered Callender, known as “Cassandra C.” during her legal fight, to undergo chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma after she refused treatment, saying she didn’t want to poison her body.

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