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Canadian General Apprehended In a Biolab With Cannibalistic Underground Satanic Jewish Nazis

    SonOfEnos – May 4th, 2022

    Russian Media is saying that they have captured Canadian Major General Trevor Cadieu and that he’s currently in Moscow being questioned by the SVR. He was alleged to have been coordinating bioweapons lab number 1.

    Ukrainian AshkenNAZIs are trapped underground and getting hungrier with each passing hour, and as it turns out, these monsters were already cannibals, that’s right, they EAT PEOPLE. Unbelievable, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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    1 thought on “Canadian General Apprehended In a Biolab With Cannibalistic Underground Satanic Jewish Nazis”

    1. The next lockdown will be the same world wide, with soldiers forcing jabs, digital ID’s and Brain chip implants. They will ultimately use the military to genocide the entire population, in wars, and with jabs and to separate people from the needs of life, they own and have stockpiled to survive. The worst will be to separate the children from their families. They will use marshall law, ta fake staged civil war, they will use Russia and China winning the ww3 world wide as the means to genocide everyone on earth. They will not bring rations, they will take all you have instead, including warm clothes, and soon all the water and food that does exist will be radioactive, intentionally poisoned to Kill us. They are literally monsters from Hell. They intentionally jabbed some with saline and others with many different diseases and poisons so they could make it seem that the diseases that come are not from the jab. All the new plagues will come directly from the jab, but different vaccinated people will have different diseases, and some, who got saline, will have nothing, to falsely prove the pandemics to come did not come from the jab. The jabs are experimental, means of genocide, meaning: they all are different and some are placebos.

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