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C-19 INJECTIONS NOW PROHIBITED – New ruling by Fair Work Commission

    Just One Focus – 19 September 2022


    Any injecting practitioner when presented with the ruling must IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST AND REFUSE TO INJECT. The case has now been lodged with Federal Court of Australia against Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas. Download template here.

    Page 13 paragraph 56 QUOTE: “Whilst the Direction did involve ‘SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE’ on the Applicant to become vaccinated” ENDQUOTE. The ‘significant pressure’ determination is key, because an Injecting Practitioner MUST by law screen and even if if any ‘undue’ pressure, coercion or manipulation to be injected is applied (such as a sacking threat) the injecting practitioner MUST refuse to inject by Immunisation Guideline Criterion 2 Federal law. View Document Here

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    1 thought on “C-19 INJECTIONS NOW PROHIBITED – New ruling by Fair Work Commission”

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