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BRUSSELS | Farmers have had enough of climate tyranny blocking streets with their tractors!

bitchuter321 – March 6th, 2023

IT’S HAPPENING March 4, 2023, 5000 farmers have had enough of climate tyranny and are blocking the streets with their tractors in Brussels. Where is the MSM on this issue?

1 thought on “BRUSSELS | Farmers have had enough of climate tyranny blocking streets with their tractors!”

  1. They are engineering an economic collapse, now, the same way they did in 1929.
    In 1929, the economy was booming after ww2. The jews told companies to make more money, fire the labor force and make the remaining people do the work of several people. Less labor pay out equals more profit for the company. It was a big lie.
    The many people who lost their jobs could no longer spend money buying the goods and services of these companies. It was a jewish con. The same thing is going on today.
    These companies think they will make more money by using AI that does not need paychecks. The same thing will happen. The masses of people out of work will no longer have money/paychecks to spend to keep the companies making money. They will crash and close. Amazon will close and crash. They already put many businesses out of business.
    The jews when the crash happened as they planned it in 1929, bought up all the communications media, entertainment and publishing for PENNIES on the Dollar. That is how they gained control of all media. They planned it with a con.
    They are doing the same now with AI. AI will not be able to run when there is no electricity, and the companies with AI, have no buyers of their goods and services because everyone is out of work. People almost starved to death in 1929. Luckily most had farms to return to. There were many farmers who fed people. That is why Gates and China have bought up all the FarmLand. They want everyone to be poor and starving and all businesses to collapse, because no one has any money or even homes. Then they will bring out their next Con game. They will present the world with the Antichrist. He will pose as a man of peace and say he is from God, and here to save the world. They will use AI to make it seem like he can do miracles.
    Then he will require the jewish mark of the beast. This fake Messiah is not a man of God, he is a SADIST, all jews are sadists and psychopaths, and they are all the antichrist as it says in the epistle of St John. When the businesses fail, due to AI layoffs, this time: the jews will buy up everything. They will buy it all cheap and own everything. This world will be HELL, under their control, just like China and Russia: a prison system, not a nation.

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