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BREAKING: Thousands protest against Dan Andrews in Melbourne | REPORT

    SIX News Australia – Oct 30, 2021

    BREAKING: Thousands of people have protested in Melbourne’s CBD against proposed pandemic laws & mandatory vaccines. Reports indicated around 2000 people were in attendance outside the Victorian Parliament, chanting “kill the bill” while others marched yelling “sack Dan Andrews.”

    Former Victorian Police Senior Constable, Craig Backman, Speaks At Melbourne’s Freedom Protest

    Meanwhile In Australia – Oct 30, 2021

    Former Victorian Police Senior Constable and staunch lockdown critic Craig Backman addressed the crowd of protesters on the steps of parliament house.

    OCEANS of people Protesting in Melbourne RIGHT NOW

    Melbourne Ground – Oct 30, 2021

    Incredible Defiance: HUGE Protest In Melbourne Australia Against Tyrant Dan & His Evil Communism

    Tim Truth – Oct 30, 2021

    “Let’s go Brandon ! F**k Dan Andrews!” Echo in Melbourne

    FastTrack – Oct 30, 2021

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