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Brazil: 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced to Take mRNA Shot

    Gateway Pundit | By Richard Abelson Published January 12, 2023 at 3:20pm

    Brazil now has its first concentration camp

    Arrested protestors in Brazil are being forcibly vaccinated with the Covid shots against their will. The left is now planning to deny conservative Senators and Representatives their seats in Congress and complete their Stalinist takeover.

    Almost a thousand political prisoners are being held in the Federal Prisons in Brasilia. The men were sent to Papuda prison, the women to Colmeia penitentiary. “Upon arrival, they are vaccinated against Covid (probably against their will), given a rolled-up mattress without a pillow and a hygiene kit”, Brazil in English wrote.

    A group of left-wing lawyers close to the Supreme Court asked the Supreme Court to prevent right-wing Representatives from taking office, including Nikolas Ferreira (Minas Gerais), Carlos Jordy (Rio de Janeiro), indigenous delegate Silvia Wãiapi (Amapá), André Fernandes (Ceará), Sargeant Rodrigues (Minas Gerais) and Walber Virgolino (Paraíba). The suit alleges they supported the storming of the National Congress on January 8th.

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    2 thoughts on “Brazil: 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced to Take mRNA Shot”

    1. Prisons used to be more humane, long ago,
      In Irish prisons boys would like to go because they could be in the Band there and learn an instrument.
      In South America prisons were very easy, until the Israelis came and made them brutal and horrible,
      the same way they did american prisons,
      it is happening everywhere,
      it is the NWO.
      The Communists/Israeli ashkeNAZIS own South America now.
      Remember when they made the Catholic Church outlawed in Mexico.
      The Communists own Nicaragua, and they run both Lula and Bolsonaro, they both work for Israel and the Mossad. They used regime change to put only their puppets, freemasons as heads of sate world wide. The Israelis came and trained all the cops in america to be demonically evil.
      Because as they did in the Bolshevik and Chinese revolutions, all communist anti-Christian revolutions and all wars are about getting Gentiles to kill one another for the jews.
      The best way is to let out the prisoners, and use them to fight against the civilian population.
      In prison when people are treated brutally, they then become brutal and heartless people.
      Hurt people will gladly hurt other people.
      It will first be fought with ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’, the motto of the Mossad.
      WW3 will begin in February when the 5G is turned into a massive genocidal weapon.
      It will kill all life, plants, trees, insects, birds, animals, children, and everyone.
      People will bleed from every orifice, eyes ears mouth etc.
      Then through parasites in the water, air, food, and in medicines and illegal drugs, the new disease that is horrible will appear. Fauci made it, in a lab. It is a cross between Ebola and flesh eating bacteria, it is transferred by parasites who carry it.
      It will make a human body turn into a glob of mush quickly.
      The Illuminati/elite satanists, will all be hiding below in the DUMBs, that connect to Hell itself (the real space program). They have enough to last a long time down there.
      But, all the prison camps and FEMA camps all over the world are located above the DUMBs.
      So they can have their entertainment, ‘satanic’ entertainment.
      Only God can save us now. Or if by an act of God all the 5G is knocked out and destroyed.
      When they get the gentiles to kill one another in the chaos, the UN soldiers and Russian and Chinese forces will come in and use microwave and laser weapons on them.
      Billions will die. America will be nuked 7 times into oblivion.

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