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DomDocuments Published October 25, 2022

Banned from YouTube, MSN and GOOGLE search engines. Clearly, they don’t want you to know. A glimpse into the life of former, MERCK Pharma sales executive, turned whistle blower. Brandy Vaughan educates a room of medical practitioners and demonstrates just how corrupt and dangerous Big Pharma really is.

Dec 9, 2020 News of Brandy Vaughan’s death started circling on Tuesday, however the date has not been confirmed. 4. Vaughan was reportedly found by her nine-year-old son Credit: Facebook. 4. Vaughan has died of unknown causes Credit: Facebook. Vaughan was a vocal anti-vaccination activist who founded California nonprofit Learn the Risk.

Brandy Vaughan: Silenced By Murder – Vaccines Are So Advantageous That Those Who Expose Big Pharma Are Stalked & Then Murdered!

Brandy Vaughan Website Here

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