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Bluetooth ID from Covid Jab | Surveillance Nano-Tech

OpenSource1 – September 6th, 2022

“Pharmacovigilance” tracking system of Operation Warp Speed:

Links from clips:
Dr. Stephen Malthouse (@ 25:29)
Todd Callender (@ 28:45)–A-MUST-WATCH-INTERVIEW:5
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger (@ 40:38)
Maria Zeee (@ 44:00)

Control study was done since the Maria Zeee’s interview with Hope and Tivon, when only French field study had been done. Anyone can conduct tests themselves, using a BLE (Bluetooth LE) scanner app. Normal Bluetooth can pick up some, but newer phones ignore most LE (low energy) signals.

Additional Links:,-Scanning-for-Bluetooth-People:b

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