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Billions wasted on belief ‘big brother government’ could defeat COVID-19: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Aug 18, 2020

    There are so-called leaders in this country who have done nothing but ignite fear, alarmism and anxiety at a time when Australians are seeking comfort and truth, says Sky News host Alan Jones.

    Mr Jones said despite the fact 99 per cent of cases of the virus are mild, Australians have witnessed “the relentless and deliberate destruction of the economy”.

    “Jobs lost, businesses broken, pensions ravaged, and thousands of teenagers robbed of an essential part of their education which they can never get back”.

    “What’s more, don’t expect an admission that the response was wrong, that the economy did not have to be smashed.

    “Don’t expect an admission that the problem was of Governments making.”

    Mr Jones said Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s quiet Australians “won’t remain quiet for much longer”.

    “There will be a political price to pay for this, make no mistake”.

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