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Big tech is using data collection as a ‘weapon of political destruction’

    Sky News Australia – Jan 15, 2021

    Sky News host Cory Bernardi says we are living in the age of “surveillance capitalism” where metadata is being used to “cancel” those who go against the rest.

    “This surveillance capitalism that is making tech companies so wealthy and powerful is just starting to be weaponised or, as they euphemistically put it, hold people accountable,” he said.

    “Big tech and big data are now targeted weapons of political destruction and the rules only apply to those they want them to.”

    Mr Bernardi said because the tech companies are able to gain so much of a user’s data they are “judge and jury of what words mean” and can decide to use it against users.

    “These tech companies are out of control, drunk on money, power, and influence, they have their data harvesting algorithms around our throats and are now prepared to use it against us.”

    Sky News Australia

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