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Big Tech Continues To Toy With Congress

    Will they ever be held accountable?

    Jon Bowne | – July 30, 2020

    The Lords of Silicon Valley had been summoned yet again. Only to continue their gaslighting of the American people after years of relentless bullying of small businesses, the totalitarian dominance of the public square, and aiding foreign enemies, terrorists, pedophiles, and insurrection.

    The House Subcommittee seemed Ill equipped to truly get to the bottom of the overwhelming pillaging of our Bill Of Rights. While Matt Gaetz and a handful of others traversed the lies to bring a host of crimes to the forefront.

    The forefathers of this Country narrowly foresaw the technocracy and it’s willing subjects that now wield a stranglehold on the ideals countless legions shed blood, sweat, and tears for. A Herculean effort to realize true permanent individual freedom only to be sacrificed for the temporary fortunes of the Lords of Silicon Valley on the pyre of the New World Order.

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