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Big Tech Censors Right After Hearing

    Bowne Report – Nov 20, 2020

    Congress held another public business meeting for Big Tech. Even though we are long past due any semblance of justice after years of violations of our First Amendment rights that have decimated the lives, culture, public square and businesses of anyone questioning the left’s totalitarian narrative ultimately protected by Section 230. The Lords of determing what passes as partisan disinformation, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey continued their unscathed billionaire tech rhetoric pampered by their cohorts in Congress. On the heels of the meeting. Yep you guessed it more censorship. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was locked out of his Twitter account for posting a tweet on Nov. 18 that “Massive Danish study further confirms masks don’t work and may be dangerous. #ConstitutionOverCoronavirus.”

    Proving that Congress is merely a Country Club where the members are voted in and live off the benefits of our tax dollars.

    Bowne Report

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