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Banned video everywhere. Why? Friar Alexis Bugnolo. Horrors of COVID-19 “Vaccine”

    liabilitymate – July 1st, 2021

    MUST LOOK> Covid “Vaccine” deaths so far. FRIGHTNING.
    What do you think? Religious or not this is a must listen. Let us hope he is wrong.\
    A Prescient Message from Alexis Bugnolo Be aware
    Those making the vaccines know these vaccines will kill you, they know science, they’re not stupid
    When you spend billions of dollars to build a factory to produce vaccines you have enough scientists
    to know that antibody priming will kill you.
    And we have to face the reality what’s going on…
    that this is the intention.
    The intention is to exterminate humanity
    somewhere around nearly two billion people
    I hear it say have been vaccinated.
    Now according to Montagnier, anyone who has
    taken these vaccines that prime your immune system to react excessively the next time you run into a
    These all will be dead in two years, in the next two
    years we will see two billion people die on earth.
    If you’re in a state like some of my relatives where
    85% of the people are vaccinated
    everyone on your street will be dead except you who
    haven’t taken it, and the others who haven’t taken it.
    And as an anthropologist I feel strongly motivated
    to tell you also as a Friar that you now have to start
    preparing yourself spiritually for this.
    because some people are going to be so shocked by it,
    that they are going to lose their minds.
    They’re going to lose their faith. They’re going to ask
    where is God?
    And why did God not prevent it?
    But you know when a man throws himself off a cliff
    is God obliged to stop the laws of gravity?
    To prevent him from dying from it?
    Anyone with a brain had enough time to examine
    the scamdemic and see that it was false.
    As Christians we’re obliged to test everything to see
    if it is true or not and hold fast only to what is good.
    If in a year you didn’t practice that and you went and
    ran off to get the jab so that you could go travelling
    or not get offended or do something like that
    you’re an idiot and you’re a coward. And you don’t live
    according to the truth.
    The truth you can’t ignore if you are a person who is
    objective and looks at hey he has a Nobel award in
    science. He says so, all the experiences with
    coronaviruses say so.

    And therefore the conclusion seems almost certain.
    And we are living now in like the summer of 1914
    before the first world war broke out.
    No one had an idea that in the next 3 or 4 years
    20 million people would be killed in Europe
    There was a summer in which people still enjoyed
    travelling around Europe in peace.
    And this is the summer they’ve given to deceive you
    that is why almost all the controls are disappearing
    in the northern hemisphere. Because they want you
    to think there is nothing wrong.
    because they know you are going to die as soon as
    you get the coronavirus.
    Now, if you haven’t been vaccinated, this is not
    going to happen to you. However,
    if a third of the people in the world die in one year
    or in one winter or two winters
    there is going to be serious disruptions of the
    economy, national security and your neighborhood
    First of all there aren’t enough ambulances to take
    away the dead, there’s not enough morticians to
    to take away the dead. Most of these people have taken
    the vax and they too will be dead
    So as Christians we have to step forward I think
    and fill the breech in the gap.
    You should, I recommend everyone to buy a hazmat
    Because it is highly likely that you will be asked to
    help carry the dead to the grave.


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