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BANNED on YouTube! The Planned Surrender of Australia 1989 by Eric Butler

AustraliaMatters – November 18th, 2020

Before “the New World Order” and before “Conspiracy Theorists” were a thing there was Eric Butler (labled)”the Far Right Extremist”, a loan voice warning of the planned surrender of Australia.
The Deliberate Restructuring of Australia To Join The New Economic International Order.
• The Loopholes They Used To Bypass Our Constitution
• International Conventions
• Bob Hawke, John Howard, John Button, Malcolm Fraser, David Rockefeller and more..
The Plan Emerged In 1974. But The Manipulated Program Started Much Earlier.

Eric Butler saw and UNDERSTOOD THE LIES way back in 1989!!

Please remember to share, re-post & awaken 2 people every day The now admitted 2020 WEF bolshevik cabal global wet dream of a “GREAT RESET” and “4th industrial revolution…new normal” didn’t start in 2016. Listen to Eric Butler from ‘The Australian League Of Rights’ back in 1989 speak about both our elected left and right in Australia, putting we Australians and our Constitution second and third place under foreign money changers masquerading as saviors of the Earth. … Russia President Putin telling who ran the 1st “revolution””

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