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Bakery Refuses to Sell Bread to Elderly Woman Because She Only Has Cash

    She has never had a bank card in her life

    Ben Warren July 31, 2020

    An elderly woman was refused service at a bakery because she could only pay in cash, according to local reports.

    Edna Dalchin, 94, left empty handed from Birds Bakery in Bulwell, UK, after trying to pay “the old fashioned way.”

    She has never used a card in her life.

    “I went into Birds because I wanted a loaf of bread and some potted meat. [The bakery staff] said to me ‘have you got a card?’” said Dalchin to local media. “I did not know what she was on about. I said: ‘Oh, I have never used a card in my life. I always pay the old fashioned way, which is how I was brought up.’”

    “I felt like I was being treated like a small child and being talked down too.”

    The staff said they were only accepting debit cards and contactless payment “because notes and coins are not clean.”

    “There is a virus, I understand that,” said Dalchin. “But a lot of elderly people do not use cards and are not into that technology.”

    It’s worth noting that Dalchin, who lived through World War 2, is a pensioner who pays for food and other essentials by getting her money from the post office each week.

    A good friend’s granddaughter slammed the policy, suggesting that the company can’t afford to alienate their patrons.

    “Elderly people are going to struggle unless someone gets it for them,” said Michelle Kirk. “Cash is a legal tender. I understand that card is preferred but if that method is not available you should be able to take cash.”

    “Most of Birds customers will be over the age of 60 I should imagine. It is humiliating having to put stuff back. It’s like you can’t afford it.”

    This incident brings to mind the concerns of Americans who are witnessing a trend towards a cashless society under the pretense that the move is necessary for everyone’s “safety” during the Coronavirus crisis.

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