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Australia’s spirits have ‘been crushed’ by its COVID-19 response: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Aug 17, 2020

    Sky News host Alan Jones says when it comes to Australia’s COVID-19 response, governments across all levels have “done nothing but ignite fear and alarmism and anxiety”.

    Australia has been plunged into a recession as governments across the country close their borders and restrict trade due to the novel coronavirus.

    At least 421 have died from the novel coronavirus, the bulk of whom are Victorians.

    Mr Jones said the decision by state and federal governments to keep a daily tally on COVID deaths does nothing but “ignite fear and alarmism and anxiety.”

    “In fact, as I speak to you today, in the last 24 hours, no new cases in the ACT; five in NSW; none in the Northern Territory; none in Queensland; one in South Australia; none in Tasmania; none in WA,” he said.

    “Victoria excluded, there are 11 people in hospital and 7 in intensive care. And the economy is being smashed.

    “Instead of reading out these meaningless statistics every day to frighten everybody, why not tell the public that worldwide there are 700,000 deaths from coronavirus, but there are 60 million deaths in the world every year. Sixty million.

    “Why do we have to have this daily recitation of cases? Is there any other disease for which this happens?

    “This is nothing more than a political stunt to justify taking away our liberties and our freedoms, locking the joint down, making sure we obey and if you don’t cop the punishment.

    “Grab power over everybody, which they most probably don’t intend to surrender.”

    Sky News Australia

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