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AustraliaOne Party – Q&A with Riccardo Bosi

AustraliaOne Party Published December 3, 2022

03 December 2022
Riccardo answers your questions below:
1. Why does AustraliaOne push so hard on divisive issues like full term abortion and the freemasons? Doesn’t it risk branding you as a marginal and extreme right-wing party? (0:00)

2. Why don’t you join up with the common law groups and why won’t you declare which magna carta you support? (12:08)

3. ALP won the Victorian election. Did AustraliaOne waste its time? (15:31)

4. Why is AustraliaOne transphobic? (34:34)

5. The current SA Premier has given himself the same political powers (like Dan Andrews; State emergency etc), but it doesn’t appear he has acted on them. Would there be a reason why he hasn’t? Or the opportunity to put them into effect hasn’t yet risen? (40:27)

6. What do you mean exactly when you say ‘this is the end of the end’? (43:02)

7. If you dissolve all councils, who will collect rubbish and maintain parks, streets etc? (46:11)

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