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AustraliaOne Party – Q&A with Riccardo Bosi and Sarah Youll

    AustraliaOne Party Published November 5, 2021

    Rumble — 5 November 2021
    Riccardo Bosi answers your questions

    1. NT update – Lockout and lockdown, NT news
    2. End of October – Nothings happened
    3. Military training – Vax the unvaxxed/ shooting from moving vehicles
    4. Bank account fear – Bank accounts being closed for unvaxxed
    5. WWCC – Why do we ask for working with children checks?
    6. Islam
    7. What can I do?
    8. Shout out to former serving members of the ADF
    9. Thank you Nat Talarico
    10. Lots of emails

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