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Australia to allow contact tracers to access credit card transaction data

    Sky News Australia – Nov 27, 2020

    Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to allow contact tracers access to personal data from credit card transactions.

    Spenda Business Software expert Adrian Floate said Australia had very strong anti-money laundering and customer laws that meant data was left during every transaction already.

    “All contact tracers need to know is that there was a transaction at a specific point in time and that information is readily available,” he said.

    “It’s unclear at the moment as to whether it must be acknowledged by the individual – my personal view is we come up with a more pervasive approach – because we’re not going to share what you purchase because that doesn’t matter.

    “It’s really about the point in time you were at the location… people should already understand that breadcrumb of data is already being produced and housed.”

    Sky News Australia

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