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Australia is the ‘canary in the mineshaft’ of Beijing’s plan to dominate

    Sky News Australia – Aug 31, 2020

    There is no sense at all that communist China is interested in a “relationship of equals” with Australia, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Peter Jennings.

    Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his plan to introduce broad scope powers for the federal government to tear up any deals states have engaged in with foreign powers.

    “(Beijing) wants subservience amongst the countries in the region,” Mr Jennings told Sky News host Alan Jones.

    “If you’re not prepared to do that – and of course Australians won’t – you’re going to be attacked, you’ll be coerced, and you’ll have your economy attacked.

    “That’s how Beijing is deciding to portray itself. Australia is being a bit of a canary in the mineshaft.”

    Sky News Australia

    Alan Jones

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