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Attention Ladies: Your graphene oxide electrified panty liners that will light a light bulb are in

    Jim Crenshaw – August 19th, 2022

    At this point…I refuse to have sex even if I am the only one involved…holy crap. I guess now when ladies shop for feminine hygiene products they may want to know their wattage? Maybe this is causing some of the problems ladies are having with their menstrual cycles? There has been a lot of evidence of the jab causing problems, is this meant to add to those problems?

    Venereal Diseases? That is nothing compared to what they have going on now. And I bet they come out with a shot for this. Some kind of twatpox shot or something that makes you grow a third whatever. Is this also having an effect on the males from having sex with the women? It is a depopulation agenda from a lot of different angles. Add this to the smallpox ACAM2000 crap and we are in for a ride for sure.
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